Doubts about the World Out There: A Monadological Redux


  • Gordon Globus Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Philosophy, University of California Irvine



The focus here is on the neglected, simply accepted, quotidian world, rather than the much-discussed consciousness. Contra common sense and science both, any actual independent external world out there is here denied. World is conceived instead as a continual creation on the part of each quantum thermofield brain in parallel, which is “triply-tuned”: by sensory input, by memory and by self-tuning (intentionality). Such a brain does not primarily process information—does not compute—but through its multiple tunability achieves an internal match in which a world is disclosed, even though there is no world out there, only objects under quantum description at microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic scales. This unconventional formulation revives a version of monadology via quantum brain theory.


monadology, consciousness, Leibniz, quantum brain theory, thermofield brain dynamics, world thrownness, ontological duality


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